Advent Week One

The Lord Is Near

Advent's first week is a wake-up call!  

The Scripture readings assigned to each day continue the theme of Sunday, pleading with us to awaken from our slumber: 

to pay attention and pray, to be vigilant for the Lord's coming, even in our midst right here, right now.


 Be ready for surprises.  
Jesus is coming into our lives in ways we can never predict.  Wake up! says today's Gospel.  

Will Jesus come to us in our homes, in the faces of those we love, or from an acquaintance or stranger? 

 All of the above!  Pay special attention this week to those whom you normally ignore.


Pray that God will open your eyes.

This week we hear stories of the blind receiving vision. 

 Pay attention to sunrise this week.  

Watch the dawn for a few minutes or a half hour one day and reflect on the changes that come with light.  

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