Vatican II on Death...VICARDOUG

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...and being made like Christ in death, he will look 

forward, strong in hope, to the resurrection.This is true 

not only of Christians but also of all men of good will in

 whose heart grace is invisibly at work. Since Christ 

died for all men, and the ultimate vocation of man is in 

fact one, that is, a divine vocation, we must hold that 

the Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being united 

with this paschal mystery in a way known only to 

God.Such is the great mystery of man, enlightening 

believers through the Christian revelation. Through 

Christ and in Christ light is thrown on the enigma of 

pain and death which overwhelms us without his 

Gospel to teach us. Christ has risen, destroying death 

by his own death; he has given us the free gift of life so 

that as sons in the Son we may cry out in the Spirit, 

saying: Abba, Father!