This Is The Night
The Easter Vigil
Holy Saturday Night
The Long Waited for Time of Baptism and Full Entrance into the Catholic Church

The fire has been kindled and the flame has been shared, gradually but confidently overcoming the darkness. 

The great stories of God's love for creation from before the very first moment have been told, and the great story of God's love poured out in salvation has been proclaimed and preached. 

This is the moment.

The elect come forward. Do you believe, they are asked, in the God who is Father, Son and Spirit? in the church, who continues the Son's work and worship of the Father through the Spirit? Do you wish to be joined to the faithful living who rely on God's forgiveness and the faithful dead who hope in their bodily resurrection? Do you seek eternal life?

Then come to these waters to be reborn. Enter this bath to be made clean. Step into this tomb and die to all that has been so that you may live for all that truly is.

Don the robe of the new creation that you have become. Accept the light to guide you on the Way.

Be sealed, signed, anointed and enlivened with the Spirit who now lives and acts in you. Be offered at the altar to the one you now call Father. Be embraced by the church, God's people, Christ's body, in the peace you have longed for. Be fed at the table of the one you now call Lord. For soon you will be sent out again, not to listen and learn this time but to proclaim and witness.

This is the night. This is the moment. Alleluia!

 Text by Victoria M. Tufano.