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Last updated: October 16, 2019
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Fr. Doug 
October 20 2019
 Cycle C
October 20-26 No Special Feast Days
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Jesus never told us to separate ourselves from the world. 

That’s why Francis would not be a monk. The friars were a totally new religious movement. 

Francis wanted us to live in the middle of the cities right with the people and not to separate ourselves. 

That’s because he didn’t hate the world. 

He said you have to find a way interiorly to love and have compassion for the world, which may mean going apart for a time for the purpose of prayer and contemplation.

Rev. Richard Rhor​
Ideas of St. Francis

Francis believed that God was nonviolent, the God of Peace. 

This belief may be a simple presupposition for us today [although I still find far too many Christians have been raised to fear God as judgmental and punishing and seem to reflect that in their own lives.

Rev.Richard Rhoe​

St. Francis of Assisi (1182–1226) was a master of making room for the new and letting go of that which was tired or empty.

 His first biographer described Francis as always hopeful, always new, always beginning again.

 Much of Francis’ genius was that he was ready for absolute “newness” from God, and therefore, could also trust fresh and new attitudes in himself. 

His God was not old, so Francis remained forever young.
More About St. Francis
In the spirit of St. Francis, read aloud this prayer of repentance, intention, and longing by one of his contemporary followers, Mirabai Starr:

Dear God,
You created the world
to serve our needs
and to lead us to you.

Through our own unconsciousness
we have lost the beautiful relationship
we once had with the rest of creation.

Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with you
we will also renew our connection
with all your creation.

Give us the grace to see
all animals as gifts from you
and to treat them with respect,
for they are your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering
as a result of our neglect.

May the order you originally established
be once again restored
to the whole world. . . .