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Last updated: January 16, 2020
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Fr. Doug 

Second Sunday Ordinary Time
January 19,2020  Cycle A

The resurrection is not a one-time miracle that proved Jesus was God. 

Jesus’ death and resurrection name and reveal what is happening everywhere and all the time in God and in everything God creates. 

Reality is always moving toward resurrection. 

As prayers of the Catholic funeral Mass affirm, “Life is not ended but merely changed.” 

Jesus’ incarnate life, his passing over into death, and his resurrection into the ongoing Christ life is the archetypal model for the entire pattern of creation—which Eastern Orthodox artists help us to visualize.

 Jesus is the microcosm for the whole cosmos. 

As in him, so also in all of us. 

As in all of us, so also in him.

Rev. Richard Rhor

Time for Prayer?

Eternal Father, loving God,

Who made us from the dust of earth,

Transform us by the Spirit’s grace,

Give value to our little worth.

Prepare us for that day of days

When Christ from heaven will come with might

To call us out of dust again,

Our bodies glorified in light.

O Godhead, here untouched, unseen,

All things created bear your trace;

The seed of glory sown in man

Will flower when we see your face.