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Last updated: August 21, 2019
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Twenty First Sunday OrdinaryTime
August 25, 2019  Cycle C

Great love and great suffering bring us back to God, and I believe this is how Jesus himself walked humanity back to God. 

It is not just a path of resurrection rewards but a path that includes death and woundedness
Death Transformed

Daily Meditation from
Richard Rhor Mailing
Friday, April 26, 2019

Christianity—as well as Buddhism, other religions, and natural systems—suggests that the pattern of transformation, the pattern that connects, the life that Reality offers us is not death avoided, but death transformed. 

In other words, the only trustworthy pattern of spiritual transformation is death and resurrection. 

Christians learn to submit to trials because Jesus told us that we must “carry the cross” with him. 

Buddhists do it because the Buddha very directly said that “life is suffering.” 

Buddhism teaches us to skillfully discern the source of suffering, detach from our expectations and resentments, and end all suffering.

Death and life are two sides of the same coin; you cannot have one without the other.

 Each time you surrender, each time you trust the dying, your faith is led to a deeper level and you discover a Larger Self underneath. 

You decide not to push yourself to the front of the line, and something much better happens in the back of the line. 

You let go of your narcissistic anger, and you find that you start feeling much happier. 

You surrender your need to control your partner, and finally the relationship blossoms or ends. 

Yet each time it is a choice—and each time it is a kind of dying. 

It seems we only know what life is when we know what death is.